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sometimes the smallest things

bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude

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Name:♗ eyes rutherford
Birthdate:Jan 18
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

"... I'll keep hoping. No matter how much I doubt... I'll keep hoping to the very end, amidst all this loneliness, for God's blessing."

Son of Yaiba Mizushiro, successor to his bloody legacy and the youngest of all eighty Blade Children. Cold, calculating and a capable strategist, Eyes acts as the de facto leader of his group and is unwilling to give up on them regardless of the fate that will one day rob them all from him, the same one that will destroy his will. If he hears of Hunters, he sees to it that the nuisances are exterminated. In a sense Eyes is the child most like his father, and one of the most capable of continuing God's plan to destroy the flawed humanity he had created. He gave up his tears and emotions long ago so that he could confront the fate that life would eventually deal him with.

But Eyes is more than that. He is more than the avatar the Hunters fear he will one day become. He is a man passionate about music, for it is one of the few means he has left to express himself. He is generous to his friends, and he worries for them almost every waking moment and he is the dear younger brother of Kanone Hilbert, who will cry for him because Eyes no longer remembers how to. No matter what, he will do what he can to protect what is precious to him, even as it is ripped away from his hands.

Simply because sometimes, the smallest things can support your heart.

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